Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The house of the forest rangers

Far from any town, deep into a pine forest, we found this old outpost where the forest rangers used to live for long periods of time.

In its heyday it must have ben an important place, because the complex has lots of buildings. It was built for the forest rangers and their families, but there is also a house for a civil engineer, a water reservoir, several warehouses and a huge concrete platform. Sadly, we couldn´t find much information about the place, so its history remains a mystery.

First we entered the smaller building, which turned out to be the civil engineer house. The entrance is located in a backyard which is now totally overrun with ivy.

The building is U-shaped, with the backyard in the middle. This is one of the corridors:

The kitchen was almost destroyed.

We found this water heater in the toilet. It is one of the few items that still remain in the house.

A quirky semicircular room.

Outside we could finally see the main facade of the building, which was concealed by thick bushes when seen from the main path. The atmosphere there was the one of a secret garden...

Back inside, we explored the rest of the corridors.

Next stop was the house of the rangers.

In the backyard there were two stables, a small henhouse and two basins completely invaded by ivy.

But the true invasion was crawling up the house...


The exploration revealed the house was designed to hold up to three families, since there were three kitchens, toilets and enough rooms for everybody.

In addition to the two main floors, there was an attic. Warm coloured sunlight told us it was time to leave the place.

And so we finished our exploration of the place. Nowadays it is being used as an outpost and warehouse by ICONA, the Spanish government organism for forest preservation. Some time ago it was suggested to renovate it and use it as a rural hotel due to its size. Nowadays this project seems to be abandoned, but we hope the building wil be preseved. It is really sad seeing how the history of a place is lost forever, and this great outpost deserves if not being recovered, at least being remembered.

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